Embracing Diversity in Tech Workforces: Highlights from the TechDiversity Awards 2023

As we reflect on the recent TechDiversity Awards, we’re left with a profound sense of community, connection, and shared purpose. The evening was a beautiful illustration of our theme, “We are greater together,” shining a light on the power of unity and collaboration in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in technology workforces.

The evening was alive with heartfelt narratives, each story unveiling the unique journey of an individual within their workplace. We were deeply humbled and inspired by these tales of resilience, growth, and success. These stories serve as powerful beacons, guiding more people towards a rewarding career in technology.

Key to the night was the exchange of experiences, acting as a reminder of our shared humanity. Storytelling was at the heart of the event – unfiltered, genuine narratives that underscored the transformative power of diversity in our workplaces. Sharing these experiences not only encourages a sense of belonging but also inspires others to explore the tech field, fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.

But the night was about more than just stories; it was about actionable insights. The evening brought to the fore a plethora of key findings that can guide tech workforces to foster a more diverse and inclusive environment. Emphasising the urgency to embrace diversity, the event served as a potent reminder that the time for change is now.

We were also delighted to acknowledge the recent announcement by Ed Husic MP, reinforcing the government’s commitment and progress to the creation of 1.2 million tech jobs by 2030. This momentum aligns perfectly with the ethos of the TechDiversity Awards. As the tech sector continues to grow, it becomes even more imperative that we cultivate a workforce that is diverse, equitable, inclusive, and welcoming.

Just as the tech industry is set for exponential growth, so too must be our efforts towards diversity and inclusion. A diverse workforce isn’t a ‘nice to have’; it’s an essential driver for innovation, engagement, and success. As the tech industry propels forward, let’s ensure it is built on a strong foundation of diversity and inclusion.

As we move forward, let’s carry the spirit of the TechDiversity Awards with us. The work does not end here. Let’s continue to celebrate diversity, share our stories, implement actionable insights, and work together to create a tech industry that truly reflects the diverse world in which we live. We are, indeed, greater together.

Below are inspirational quotes from the night:


“Tech is freedom and a powerful tool for the amplification of diverse stories – which in turn shapes and changes society”, Jo Stanley, Founder and CEO at Broad Radio

“The evidence is clear: greater diversity fosters innovation and generates high-quality ideas that drive positive change”, Janean Richards, Head of Division, Science and Commercialisation at the Department of Industry Science and Resources

“The motivation for embracing diversity is not just about doing the right thing, but also about increasing the chances of winning”, Miranda Ratajski, Chief Information Officer at Westpac

“Real progress starts with stories and it is the stories tonight that will generate ideas and it is the ideas that create activity and action, imagine if 650 people in this room tonight took one small action”, Soozey Johnstone, Co-Founder and Director (Volunteer),

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