TechDiversity Awards 2024 – Celebrating DE+I as a Catalyst for Overcoming Economic Challenges

Melbourne, Australia – The TechDiversity Awards 2024 not only celebrated achievements in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I) but also underscored DE+I’s role as a critical driver in overcoming economic challenges through innovation and productivity.


The TechDiversity Awards focused on the profound impact of DE+I on the tech industry’s capacity to thrive amidst economic adversity, highlighting how embracing diversity in all its forms enriches corporate culture and boosts business resilience.


Soozey Johnstone

Soozey Johnstone, Co-Founder and Director, TechDiversity, emphasised the importance of pushing forward despite economic uncertainties, leveraging DE+I as a mechanism to drive positive change. 

The night also featured the winners from Government and organisations who exemplify the transformative power of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I) in enhancing productivity, wellbeing, and community engagement.  

These leaders highlighted how integrating DE+I into business strategies not only fosters a more inclusive workplace, proving that a commitment to DE+I is crucial for both social and economic success. 


Jaffa McKenzie

Jaffa McKenzie, Director of Digital Economy from the Victorian Government, commended the ongoing efforts of the community, “Nights like tonight are crucial in recognising and elevating the teams leading DEI efforts,” McKenzie stated, highlighting the theme of the Awards, ‘Unleashing Impact with DE+I Powerhouse.’


Miranda Ratajski

Miranda Ratajski, CIO of Westpac discussed how data-driven insights are vital for pinpointing DEI gaps, referencing the recently launched world-first DEI study Tech Reflects. She explained, “What Tech Reflects helps us do is see what our teams look like at a granular level know where the gaps are and so we can focus our resources effectively.”


Luli Adeyemo

Luli Adeyemo, Executive Director, TechDiversity added depth to the conversation by explaining how the data derived from Tech Reflects informs strategic changes necessary for fostering inclusive work environments.


The winner of the TechDiversity Champion Award, Dr Annie McAuley, Founder & CEO of TalkiPlay

The winner of the TechDiversity Champion Award, Dr Annie McAuley, Founder & CEO of TalkiPlay, shared her personal journey of turning adversity into a tool for advocacy and innovation in children’s speech development.
“My personal journey through recovery and witnessing my daughter’s challenges with speech deeply inspired my mission with TalkiPlay. We are dedicated to transforming the way children learn and communicate, ensuring every child has the tools they need to express themselves and be understood.” 


Who We Are 

TechDiversity Awards provided profound insights into the diversity landscape of the participants. During the night attendees completed a simple survey, using a unique platform called Diversity Atlas.

The data showed that attendees came from forty-one different countries of birth, spoke 82 languages and dialects, and represented 90 different ancestries, highlighting a rich tapestry of cultural and social identities. This diversity is reflective not only in the personal backgrounds but also in the varied perspectives that contribute to innovation and creativity within technology workforces.  

For a full list of all winners, nominations and pictures from the event found here. 


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