TechDiversity Awards Showcase the Power of Unity: Tech Workforces Across Industries Prove We Are Greater Together

Melbourne, 25th May – The TechDiversity Awards, a prestigious event celebrating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in tech workforces across industry sectors, concluded on May 25th with a resounding success.

The awards ceremony, attended by industry leaders, Government representatives, experts, and change-makers, highlighted the outstanding initiatives and individuals making a remarkable impact in DEI across various sectors.

Under the theme “We are Greater Together” the TechDiversity Awards recognised organisations and individuals who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to fostering inclusive tech workforces and communities. The winners and merit winners in each category exemplify the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and the transformative potential it holds.

In a stirring address on the Awards night, Luli Adeyemo, Executive Director of TechDiversity, laid out an ambitious vision for technology workforces. Adeyemo encouraged tech industry stakeholders to channel the same energy and tenacity the country is applying to plan the 2032 Brisbane Olympics toward building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive tech sector.

Drawing parallels between the multinational diversity of the Olympics and the potential for the same within the tech industry, Adeyemo highlighted that the timeline leading to the games provides an apt backdrop for implementing significant change.

She urged, “The tech industry is our very own dynamic playground – a real-life Olympics in the making. In the same way, we are planning to welcome the world in 2032, we should action a similar plan to ensure our tech workforce reflects the communities we serve.The spirit of representation, welcome, and belonging that characterises the Olympics should resonate in our workplaces too. The clock is ticking, and it’s high time we sprint towards an industry that’s buzzing with diversity and brimming with inclusivity.” 

The awards ceremony also featured notable speakers who shared their insights and expertise on diversity and innovation.  

  • Miranda Ratajski, Chief Information Officer at Westpac, delivered an inspiring address, emphasising the importance of diversity in driving organisational success.
  • Janean Richards, Head of Division, Science Division at the Department of Industry, Science and Resources, provided valuable perspectives on fostering diversity in the STEM fields.

Winners & Merit Winners awarded on the night include: 

Business Category
Recognising businesses that have implemented exceptional diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within their organisation. These companies have demonstrated a commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment and promoting diversity at all levels.

  • Winner: Blaze Your Trail – A Technology Social Enterprise by Blaze Your Trail
  • Merit Winner: Indigenous Geospatial Consultancy and Mapping Workshops by Winyama Digital Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Merit Winner: Nology – Creating Diverse Tech Talent for the Sector by Nology
  • Merit Winner: Stile’s Women in STEM: Software Engineering Internship by Stile Education
  • Merit Winner: iSTEM Co. by iSTEM Consulting

Education Category:
Highlighting educational institutions or organizations that have made significant strides in promoting diversity and inclusion within the field of education. These initiatives aim to create equitable opportunities for all students and provide support for underrepresented groups in pursuing STEM and tech-related careers.

  • Winner: Tech Pathways for Neurodivergent Australians by Generation Australia
  • Merit Winner: Improving the Learning Environment of Computer Science Students through Tutor and Demonstrator Unconscious Bias Training, By University of Melbourne
  • Merit Winner: Go Girl Go For IT By VIC ICT for Women
  • Merit Winner: HEX By HEX (The Hacker Exchange)

Government Category:
Acknowledging government agencies or departments that have implemented successful diversity and inclusion programs. These initiatives focus on promoting diversity within the public sector, improving representation, and creating inclusive policies and practices.

  • Winner: Diversity & Inclusion at GWW by Greater Western Water
  • Merit Winner: Speak-up Save Lives App by NSW Department of Customer Service
  • Merit Winner: LiPIE (Ladies in Product Innovation & Engineering) by Australia Post
  • Merit Winner: Digital and Program Delivery – Strata Hub by NSW Department of Customer Service

Marketing Category:
Celebrating marketing campaigns or initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. These campaigns aim to challenge stereotypes, foster inclusive narratives, and increase representation in marketing content and communications.

  • Winner: MAGNIFY – Women of Colour in STEM Magazine by STEM Sisters
  • Merit Winner: Westpac Women in Technology by Westpac

Tech for Good Category:
Recognising technology projects or initiatives that have a positive social impact. These initiatives leverage technology to address social challenges, promote equity, and make a difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

  • Winner: NDIS eLearning Modules by Liquid Interactive and the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
  • Merit Winner: My Aged Care by Liquid Interactive and the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care
  • Merit Winner: Estelle Lucas – Red Files + Big Sister by Red Files + Big Sister
  • Merit Winner: AWS CloudUp for Her by Amazon Web Services
  • Merit Winner: Upzeez – The NextGen of Baby Nursery Furniture by Upzeez

The TechDiversity Awards have not only recognised outstanding achievements but also inspired a collective commitment to creating diverse, inclusive, and innovative tech workplace environments. The winners and merit winners serve as role models for organisations across industries, demonstrating the profound impact that diversity and inclusion can have on driving positive change.

For more information about the TechDiversity Awards and the winners, please visit

Media Contact: Luli Adeyemo, Executive Director, TechDiversity,, +61 415 209 334

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