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 Empower Your DE+I Journey Through Education

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE+I) isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a journey towards a brighter future. We’re here to guide you on that journey with our TechDiversity Masterclasses, where education sparks action, transforming workplaces and industries. Are you ready to drive change?

Elevate your workplace with TechDiversity’s masterclasses

There are three ways we deliver our masterclasses:  Online, In-person events and customised masterclasses on-site. 

Designed to transform your leadership team, marketing professionals, and other team members into DE+I champions. We understand the power of convenience, which is why we bring these immersive learning experiences directly to your office. Equip your teams with actionable insights and tangible tools to kickstart their DE+I journey. Ignite change within your organisation, foster innovation, and cultivate an inclusive and equitable future for all, right from the heart of your workspace.

Explore our three masterclasses designed to empower your teams with actionable insights and practical tools, setting the stage for a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace.

Inclusive Design (Impact: Bridging Skills Gap)

Duration: 3 hours

Make your digital presence more inclusive. Learn essential skills and knowledge to create inclusive digital products, services, and marketing material. Implement inclusive design principles to bridge the skills gap and ensure your digital presence is accessible to a diverse audience.

Inclusive AI (Impact: Fostering Competitiveness)

Duration: 3 hours

Avoid bias in AI by recognizing and mitigating bias in AI design. Position your organization at the forefront of technological innovation by embracing inclusive AI. Appeal to a diverse customer base and avoid reputational risks associated with biased technology.

Embracing a Neurodivergent Culture (Impact: Cultivating Talent)

Duration: 3 hours

Embrace neurodiversity in the workforce to cultivate a rich talent pool and foster an environment of creativity, innovation, and resilience. Support the neurodivergent community to tap into a diverse range of skills and perspectives, propelling your teams towards excellence.

Benefits of Attending a Masterclass

  • Beyond Awareness – Creating Impact

At TechDiversity, we don’t settle for raising awareness alone. Our masterclasses are your opportunity to turn knowledge into action. We’re committed to providing substantial support, and that’s what sets our masterclasses apart.

  • Develop Strategies that Work

Led by senior leaders from the DE+I space, our masterclasses offer actionable insights ready for immediate implementation. These sessions aren’t just about theory – they’re about practical, lasting change.

  • Choose Your Path of Impact

Whether you’re a seasoned executive refining strategies or a manager seeking to drive change within your team, our masterclasses are tailored for you. Choose your path of impact and unlock the potential of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

  • Drive Change, Today

Your journey towards a more diverse and inclusive future starts here. Our masterclasses are a transformative step towards lasting change. Are you ready to make a difference?

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