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According to a recent Randstad Enterprise’s 2023 Talent Trends Report, 78% of leaders affirm that DE+I has a positive impact on businesses. Don’t miss the chance to align your company with this powerful statistic and showcase your dedication to creating a diverse, innovative, and competitive future by sponsoring the TechDiversity Awards.


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Following the success of the 2024 TechDiversity Awards with the compelling  theme “DE+I Powerhouse, Unleashing Impact,” we are now planning the TechDiversity Awards 2025. Why not join our journey now and get the most out of your sponsorship and raise your brand profile to celebrate the resounding influence of DE+I on individuals, organisations, and the broader community.

Six Impact Statements

By sponsoring the TechDiversity Awards in 2025, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to six impact statements, our compass and unwavering commitment to driving change. Each one represents a profound facet of DE+I’s transformative power, cultivate talent, celebrate innovation, foster competitiveness, build futures, bridge skill gaps, and drive innovation and success.  These aren’t just words; they are the building blocks of a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse future.

Marketing Content Schedule

Access our marketing content schedule and understand how you can co-create meaningful content that aligns with our six impact statements.  Our TD Awards marketing campaigns run all year long, so as soon as you sign up the sooner you are reaching out to our network of leaders in the tech sector as well as Government representatives, industry associations and more.

By sponsoring the TechDiversity Awards, you’re not only contributing to a more inclusive world but also positioning your brand as a leader in the global movement for diversity, equity and inclusion.
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2023 TechDiversity Awards Keynote Speaker 

The significance of diversity, states that diverse teams better understand and serve customers – if your teams look more like your customers, you understand customers better.

Miranda Ratajsk, Chief Information Officer

2024 TechDiversity Awards Sponsor

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TechDiversity would never be where it is today without the generous support of our sponsors. It is not just the financial help that is appreciated, but that the sponsorship says ‘we believe in what you are doing’.

“As an industry, we have without doubt come a long way, but the diversity, equity and inclusion journey doesn’t have an ending. As technology leaders, there’s still so much more we can do to improve the current environment and help pave the best path for tech talent of tomorrow”, Chris Venter, CTO, REA Group, Speaking at the 2022 TechDiversity Awards

“We are proud and love to be part of TechDiversity it is my vision for Clicks IT Recruitment to be diverse and help organisations to achieve the same”, Tamara Ryf, Clicks IT Recruitment, Speaking at the 2022 TechDiversity Awards

“All of the learnings that we will take away from this evening has a multiplier effect in terms of how quickly we can accelerate the change”, shared Laura Malcolm, General Manager (CEO) from Avanade Australia, speaking at the TechDiversity Awards 2022

Other sponsorship opportunities

DE+I Essential Conversations – Our webinars are engaging and interactive.

Our webinars provide participants the opportunity to engage with key leaders, speakers and each other. Discussions have revealed that organisations need to start their diversity journey from within, making sure their organisation has a culture that attracts a diverse workforce.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to have a greater impact on building an inclusive culture in your organisation.
  • Identify tangible practices and actions to improve your organisation’s level of DEI.
  • Enhance your personal effectiveness as an internal influencer


Support essential conversations

Reach a larger TechDiversity community of leaders and Influencers

The impact of our webinars has been phenomenal. Our audience reach has grown by 30% and we now have more HR, business leaders and executives following #TechDiversity all with the common goal of learning more about the business and wellbeing effects of diversity and inclusion.

Align your organisation with a genuine group of diversity, equity and inclusion champions

TechDiversity webinar series attracts high profile thought leaders who are well known in terms of their ability to influence change and champion diversity. They come from a variety of sectors but all have one common goal to propel diversity and inclusion within organisations across Australia.

From helping us with our website, social media and branding to money that helps us pay for all those even costs before we sell tickets, thank you so very much for being part of this journey with us.

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