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Where Australian tech workforce diversity and cultural profile data is benchmarked against the broader community.

Play your part in a world first study, in an unprecedented national effort, we are calling on business leaders to express their interest in having their technology teams join this significant research effort. This represents a groundbreaking intersection of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and Big Data—a global first where we benchmark workforce diversity and cultural insights against the broader Australian community. It’s an initiative ensuring that everyone has the chance to contribute to and thrive within the technology sector.

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This world first research seeks not just to measure and identify gaps; it’s about uncovering the rich, untapped skill sets within our society that can propel us toward our collaborative mission of achieving 1.2 million tech jobs by 2030.

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We are thrilled to share a recent webinar hosted by TechDiversity, featuring insightful discussions with Miranda Ratajski, CIO of Westpac and Michael Walmsley, Chief Experience Officer from Diversity Atlas. In the webinar, Miranda highlighted, “This survey is going to give us an opportunity to get much deeper insights into what diversity really looks like in technology.”

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Key highlights of the Tech Reflects Study

  • Free to participate and anonymous
  • Participate and receive a complimentary DEI report that compares your tech workforce against community DEI and cultural profile data
  • Not your usual DEI study, we gather data on both cultural and demographic diversity from workforces and the community
  • We measure intersectionality, in order to provide nuanced metrics which are useful for organisations

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Who Should Participate?

This study is for everyone who forms the backbone of the Australian tech workforce.

We invite organisations to share this study with their tech workforce. Survey participants can be workers from a non-tech background, such as marketing and sales. They can be interns, contractors, managers, executives, part of the C-Level suite. Their experiences and perspectives are invaluable to painting a comprehensive picture of diversity in our technology workforce.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Tech Reflects study about?

It’s a groundbreaking study aimed at understanding and enhancing diversity within Australia’s tech workforce by comparing it to the broader community’s demographics. 

2. Who should participate in the Tech Reflects study?

Technology workforces across all industry sectors and professionals interested in contributing to a more inclusive and diverse tech industry. 

3. What benefits does participating in the Tech Reflects study offer?

Participants gain insights into their organisation’s diversity, contributing to broader industry change and receiving a detailed DEI report. 

4. Who is conducting the Tech Reflects Study?

The study is a collaboration between the TechDiversity Foundation and Diversity Atlas, with support from industry leaders such as Westpac, Avanade and Clicks IT Recruitment.

5. What makes the Tech Reflects Study unique?

Unlike traditional DEI studies, it goes beyond basic demographics to include cultural diversity and intersectionality, providing a more nuanced view of the tech workforce.

The Tech Reflects study will contribute to the goal of creating 1.2 million tech jobs by 2030 by identifying diversity gaps and untapped talent within communities. This approach is designed to broaden participation in the tech industry, making it more inclusive and innovative, thereby supporting job growth and meeting future workforce needs.

6. How can it help with an organisation’s DEI planning?

The Tech Reflects study will assist organizations in developing DEI programs by identifying diversity gaps. It provides a framework for creating targeted initiatives to enhance inclusivity within the tech sector, thereby promoting a more diverse and equitable workplace environment.

7. How can organisations participate in the study?

Organisations can express their interest through the TechDiversity website and, if selected, will be part of this pioneering research.

8. What will participants gain from the Tech Reflects Study?

Participants will receive a comprehensive DEI report, comparing their organisation’s diversity to community benchmarks, offering valuable insights for growth and inclusion strategies.

9. How does the study ensure participant privacy?

The study is designed with privacy and confidentiality at its forefront, ensuring all data is anonymously handled and reported.

For everyone who forms the backbone of the Australian tech workforce.

Join Your Peers

Are you ready to be part of this transformative journey? Your organisation’s insights could be the key to unlocking a more diverse, innovative, and prosperous future for Australia’s tech industry. Participate in the study and help us pave the way for a tech workforce that mirrors the rich diversity of our society.

In an unprecedented national effort, we are launching a first-of-its-kind comprehensive anonymous study designed called Tech Reflects to unravel the intricacies of cultural and demographic diversity within Australia’s tech workforce. This pioneering research seeks not just to measure and identify gaps; it’s about uncovering the rich, untapped skill sets within our society that can propel us toward our collaborative mission of achieving 1.2 million tech jobs by 2030.

Gain invaluable insights

Cultural and Demographic Diversity: Delve deep into the fabric of your organisation and uncover the rich tapestry of backgrounds that make up your workforce.

Intersectionality Measurements: Explore the multidimensional aspects of diversity, recognising the complex ways in which various forms of discrimination overlap and interconnect.

Skill Sets: Identify hidden talents and underutilised skills within not just your team but outside your organisation also, unlocking potential avenues for innovation and growth.

The outcome

Identify Gaps: Pinpoint disparities within the Australian tech workforce, paving the way for targeted interventions.

Look to Communities: Bring to light the wealth of skills lying dormant within our communities, ready to be harnessed.

Build Real Programs: Develop concrete, actionable programs that leverage these insights to build a more inclusive, dynamic, and innovative tech industry.


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