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Empower Change Through
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I)

Welcome to TechDiversity Enterprise Membership, where meaningful change in the tech workforces comes to life. By becoming an Enterprise Member of TechDiversity, you’re not only investing in innovation but also helping to shape a tech workforce that mirrors the diverse society it serves. Your participation drives progress, fosters inclusion, and propels the tech industry toward a future that embraces Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I) at its core.

Key Benefits of TechDiversity Enterprise Membership

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1. Ignite Change with Tech Reflects Study:

As an Enterprise Member, you play a pivotal role in launching the groundbreaking Tech Reflects study. This revolutionary initiative offers a comprehensive look at how tech workforces align with their surrounding communities in terms of DE+I. Through your membership fees, the study’s first and second phases will come to life, revealing insights that lead to transformative actions.

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2. Embrace the Power of DE+I in Action:

Experience the impact of our Six Impact Statements, guiding principles that drive transformative change within tech workforces and society. Our Enterprise members have the unique opportunity to make these impactful initiatives a reality, setting TechDiversity apart as a force for true transformation.

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3. Lead Change in Special Interest Groups:

TechDiversity’s Special Interest Groups tackle specific DE+I challenges. As an Enterprise Member, you’ll be at the forefront of these groups, where like-minded industry leaders, associations, and bodies collaborate to create actionable solutions.

The first group, focusing on Health and Digital Inclusion, will shape the future of accessibility to digital health resources and services.

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Building a stronger, more diverse and engaged tech workforce.

A Collaborative Journey to a Thriving Future

TechDiversity Enterprise Membership is your invitation to make a difference. With your pioneering spirit, you’ll contribute to the evolution of DE+I in the tech workforces across various job roles and functions. From traditional tech roles to marketing, research, product development, and more, your involvement will pave the way for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive tech workforce.

TechDiversity’s network is your ally, with the expertise and resources needed to bring ideas to life. Together, we’re not only shaping the tech industry’s future, but we’re also contributing to Australia’s economic and social growth.

Be a part of TechDiversity Enterprise Membership and shape the tech industry’s narrative—one that resonates with every individual and every community.

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When you join TechDiversity Enterprise Membership, you’re not just making a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion—you’re accessing a wealth of resources and opportunities to drive real change in the tech industry.

Your membership comes with a suite of exclusive deliverables tailored to foster innovation, collaboration, and lasting transformation. To understand these deliverables please request our membership brochure.

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