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We regularly host events, both online and on-site and often with our partners on topics that are of importance for organisations and individuals on their DE+I journey. Our Connect events are extremely popular and allow us to meet face to face with our community.

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Unlocking the Neurodivergent Advantage:

Building a Diverse, Equitable and Innovative Workforce

At TechDiversity, we’re dedicated to reshaping the landscape of tech workforces, and our recent Neurodivergent Advantage events in collaboration with ACS (Sydney only) have taken us one step closer to that goal. In a world where diversity and innovation are key drivers of success, we explored the untapped potential of neurodivergent individuals and how they can play a pivotal role in solving complex problems and driving innovation within organisations.

Neurodivergent Advantage Sydney

Key Takeaways

💡 Harnessing Untapped Talent: Did you know that approximately 20% of the population identifies as neurodivergent? Despite this, the unemployment rate among neurodiverse individuals in Australia stands at a staggering 34%. Many find themselves in roles that do not harness their full potential. Our events shed light on how organisations can tap into this incredible pool of talent. Watch the videos below to find out more.

💡 A Better Way to Recruit: We delved into inclusive recruitment practices, emphasising the need for unique approaches. This includes providing candidates with advanced information about interview questions and layouts, offering support during interviews, and even conducting on-the-job interviews to let individuals showcase their skills in practical settings.

💡 Creating Magic Through Inclusivity: By fostering an inclusive environment that leverages the strengths of neurodivergent employees, organisations can unlock innovation, solve intricate challenges, and achieve remarkable outcomes.

Neurodivergent Advantage Sydney

Sydney Speakers

  • Dr Alexandra Johnston, Research and Teaching Academic at the University of Melbourne
  • Vicky Little, National Manager, Quality and Practice at Specialisterne Australia
  • Ruth Bonser, Chair of Employee Advocacy Group for Disability, Neurodiversity, Carers and Mental Health at Westpac
  • Mike A. Dudarenok, Chief Information and Digital Officer at NSW Education Standards Authority
  • Helen Warner, Head Of Partnerships at ACS (Australian Computer Society)

Melbourne Speakers

  • Dr Alexandra Johnston, Research and Teaching Academic at the University of Melbourne
  • Belinda Sheehan, Senior Delivery Manager at IBM
  • Tamara Ryf Chief Executive Officer at Clicks IT Recruitment
  • Soozey Johnstone Cofounder and Chair of TechDiversity Foundation
  • Julie Robertson and the Specialisterne Australia ambassadors
  • Luli Adeyemo, Executive Director of TechDiversity Foundation

Our Neurodivergent Advantage events were designed to inspire, educate, and provide actionable insights. Watch the event recordings below to discover how embracing neurodiversity can help your organisation build a diverse, innovative, and enduring workforce. Let’s cultivate talent together, making diversity a driving force for innovation and success.

Neurodivergent Advantage Sydney Videos

TechDiversity Webinars

AI in HR Technology: Using AI to remove unconscious bias – experts in conversation

An excellent conversation around using AI to remove unconscious bias, our participants included:

  • Matt Kuperholz, Partner & Chief Data Scientist | PwC Australia
  • Russell Porter, Head of Strategy and Innovation Office, Value Experience | SAP SuccessFactors
  • Soozey Johnston, Author | Director | Facilitator | Speaker @Method

Making business sense out of corporate diversity & building a successful business case

This essential conversation attracted HR Directors, Change Management Leaders, People & Culture, CIOs, Marketing Heads, Talent Acquisition and many more from Retail, Government, Technology, Universities and more. Conversation contributors featured:

  • Kat Barnett, Director, Employer Success for JAPAC at | Oracle
  • Hiam Sakakini, Founder & Culture Transformation Expert | The Culture Equation.

Why should diversity be top of your recovery strategy?

Participants gave their view and tips on the impact of diversity on organisation performance and employee well-being. Speakers included:

  • Mac Ghani, Managing Director | Avanade
  • Madeleine Grummet Founder, CEO, Startup Mentor @Future Amp | girledworld
  • Robbie Robertson Managing Partner, Virtual Office | National Leader, Deloitte
  • MC – Soozey Johnstone Author, Director, Facilitator, Speaker | Method9, Patienteer, #TechDiversity

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