Developed by Cultural Infusion, Diversity Atlas is a world-leading data-driven platform that measures and analyses cultural and demographic diversity across work environments. It helps create more inclusive, respectful and innovative workspaces and maximises organisational performance.  A visual and interactive data-analysis platform, it provides detailed insights about the cultural and demographic diversity of their working environments.

Its instant analytics dashboard provides intersectional analysis to help organisations create more inclusive, customer centric and innovative workspaces and maximises organisational performance.  Designed around the concept of mutuality, or representation, Diversity Atlas encourages organisations to ensure that the diversity of their teams accurately reflects the diversity of the broader community.  Functioning through a quick and easy survey method, the data enables organisations to develop effective strategies for recruitment, inclusion and engagement tailored to their specific diversity makeup.

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Unveiling the Value of Data

Through our collaboration, Diversity Atlas, conducted an in-depth study of attendees at the TechDiversity Awards 2023, leveraging our platform to capture a comprehensive range of diversity metrics. The result is a report that goes beyond traditional metrics to provide deeper insights into the makeup of their audience, including gender, sexuality, long-term conditions, and generational distribution.

This report sample serves as a roadmap for organisations, illustrating how metrics can be effectively captured and utilised to foster a more inclusive environment. TechDiversity’s commitment to understanding and celebrating diversity sets a new standard for the industry, and we’re thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking initiative.

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