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The CloudUp for Her, free community training program was developed in 2020 as a pilot to gage the interest of women in learning technology skills together in a safe supportive environment. The initial program was an 8-week framework (program schedule example attached) with a launch event (to set expectations and generate excitement), followed by weekly mentoring sessions that participants can optionally attend while doing the self-paced AWS Cloud Practitioner training modules on the AWS Skill Builder platform. In week 4, a Women in Tech panel event was conducted to showcase role models at different stages of their technology careers and talk to their experiences both good and bad. In week 6 there is exam preparation sessions for those interested in sitting their exam and exam vouchers are provided to participants once they pass a practice exam.

In week 8 a graduation event is held to celebrate success to those that have completed and provide extra motivation to those still studying. A Careers event is conducted at the conclusion of the program to connect women with AWS recruiters and other organisations to assist in connecting them to job opportunities. Surrounding the 8-week framework is a Slack community channel for women to have 24/7 mentorship and a supportive community for women to study together and form new relationships. The pilot was then expanded into a second 16-week Solution Architect program with a hands-on technical workshop component added for women to practice their theoretical skills with mentor support. There are no pre-requisites for women to join the CloudUp for Her Cloud Practitioner program, it is suited to non-tech participants with an interest in tech. The Solution Architect program requires some technical experience or the Cloud Practitioner program completed prior to joining. Over 30% of women that completed the Cloud Practitioner program continue on to the Solution Architect program.

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Bridging Australia's Tech Skills Gap with a World- First Study Utilising Community and Workforce Cultural and Demographic Insights

Organisations across Australia are invited to participate in the Tech Reflects study, spearheaded by the TechDiversity Foundation in collaboration with Diversity Atlas, it seeks to understand the cultural and demographic makeup of tech workforces, comparing it to the broader community to identify gaps and opportunities. This initiative is critical for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, contributing to the national goal of 1.2 million tech jobs by 2030.

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