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Coder Academy

The Inclusive Pathways initiative is a multifaceted program designed to improve gender diversity in technology.
Coder Academy deliver the only accredited bootcamps in Australia, which provide students with a Diploma of IT. Our goal is to get a 50/50 gender split amongst our student populations.

In clear, actionable terms, our multi-pronged approach includes:

  1. Ensuring our staff are diverse, both in terms of numbers and roles,
    1. Women In Tech scholarships,
    2. Opportunities to intern with organisations who are passionate about improving diversity in tech, and supporting diverse people in their businesses,
    3. Providing mentoring to students as they continue their internships and move on to paid employment,
    4. Collaborations with corporate partners who are actively developing diversity in their technology pipelines including:
      • MYOB,
      • Australia Post,
      • Vodafone
      • One of the ‘Big 4’ Australian banks.
    5. Collaborations with community partners, including:
      • Code Like a Girl,
      • Women Who Code,
      • Girls in Tech.

Since 2016, through our Bootcamp model, we have educated 485 full-time students, 131 or 27% of which identified as female or non-binary. We have increased the percentage of women in our courses consistently over the last three years:

  • 2017 – 23% of our students identified as female or non-binary,
  • 2018 – 26% identified as female or non-binary,
  • 2019 (to date) – 29% identified as female or non-binary.
    The current percentage of female to male students in first year Computer Science in Australia is 16%.

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