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Building global harmony through intercultural understanding and action, they are a cultural enterprise utilising arts, education and digital platforms.  Australia’s leading culture-in-education provider, Cultural Infusion have delivered multicultural programs to more than six million people and are official partners of the Australian National Commission to UNESCO.  Cultural Infusion has developed Diversity Atlas, an data-driven analytics platform measuring cultural diversity, and Sound Infusion, an music creation studio featuring culturally diverse instrument samples.  Cultural Infusion works with local, state, federal and intergovernmental organisations, as well as multinationals, to create iconic events, and to help build more inclusive societies.

Have you wondered what true DEI measurement looks like beyond the standard HR metrics?

TechDiversity Awards partnered with Diversity Atlas to dive deep into the diversity of the TechDiversity Awards attendees in 2023.

🎯 Why This Matters
We’re not just talking about gender, we’re digging into deeper insights to truly understand our audience. Understand what a comprehensive DEI report looks like and how the TechDiversity Awards audience compares to the community we operate in. Explore some key insights and metrics that matter, to understand the full report and insights – download it from here.

This study goes beyond traditional HR metrics to provide deeper insights into the makeup of the TechDiversity Awards audience, including gender, sexuality, long-term conditions, and generational distribution. The data collected serves as a roadmap for organisations, illustrating how metrics can be effectively captured and utilised to foster a more inclusive environment. 

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