LGBTI OUT50 Campaign

In 2018, still as many as 2 in 3 LGBTI individuals are not fully out in the workplace. This has substantial negative impacts on not only the individual, but also the businesses they work for. Role models play a hugely important role in normalising LGBTI within workplaces, and showing LGBTI individuals that it is OK to bring their whole selves to work.

Our brief was to create a campaign that would encourage and inspire the Australian LGBTI community to bring their authentic selves to work each and every day.

We collaborated with Google to put a powerful spotlight on visibility and support for the LGBTI community in Australia. It was a focus on harnessing the power of design and content to fuel a cutting-edge digital campaign that brought to life the uniqueness of each of our 50 leaders. Across diverse industries, these individuals show how passion, energy, resilience, visibility, courage – and above all, leading as your true self – can drive a successful career.

Cutting edge content across all digital elements was key – to showcase our 50 leaders and their inspiring stories. Our digital creativity spanned across a dedicated website, publication, profiles, interviews, video content, Google and YouTube platforms, social media, photography and more.

Our 50 leaders spanned a range of industries – including technology – and our results reflected the power of our digital campaign. With a social reach of over 319,000, together with over 155,000 video views – the OUT50 campaign was an outstanding success.

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