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Cultural Infusion recognised that the starting point for designing a meaningful diversity program within a workplace was to first come to an accurate understanding of the actual diversity in place. This then led to the development of Diversity Atlas – a data-driven platform capable defining and measuring diversity within a cohort, and generating easily interpreted information.

The platform allows for understanding of the cultural and demographic attributes of the entire workforce, the divisions or departments therein, as well as provide a ‘mutuality analysis’ so that companies can see to what extent they are reflective and representative of the communities they serve.

We believe you cannot be what you cannot see, and you cannot know the direction to take if you do not know where or who you currently are.

Diversity Atlas provides a world-first survey tool for organisations to understand, on a deep, nuanced level, the demographic makeup of their own people. The platform measures cultural and other metrics of demographic diversity, and has been designed such that key facts and insights can be gleaned around the specific aspects of diversity that are most relevant to an organisation.

No other tool measures these elements in composite. It can also provide a comparison analysis against the demographic make-up of the country, community, region or customer base that the organisation serves, if that data is available.

With such an understanding of their own demographics, workplaces are able then to develop diversity initiatives that suit their own unique circumstances – thus streamlining the process considerably.

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