Estelle Lucas

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are often used by sex workers to access occupational harm reduction strategies, exchange safety and health related education, connect with their communities and support networks, or share stories and experiences anonymously. In addition, ICT and other technology-based services are used by independent sex workers to operate their business safely, efficiently and independently.

However, research highlights that sex workers face significant barriers in accessing or using ICTs and other technologies that can make sex work safer, and that these barriers are specific to socio-structural factors.

These approaches will be particularly relevant for Victoria, as well as other jurisdictions that employ a decriminalisation framework to regulate the sex industry, whereas sex workers are entitled to the same safety and health standards as other occupations.

Estelle Lucas created redfiles as an accessible, safe, sex worker owned and operated resource for all sex workers to use. Red files is a combination of a ‘ugly mugs’ database, a community hub, a resource for additional health and safety services and programs for sex workers, a resource for sole traders to learn about their rights and obligations (many sex workers are classified as sole traders) , business insights and tips, client management, updates on decriminalisation, and other industry updates.

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