Tech for Good – Environmental Sustainability
Merit Recipient

Since founding, Exergenics has:

  • Unlocked the potential for multiple buildings to save an approximate total of $300,000 per annum on energy costs, leading to the abatement of around 2000 tons of CO2.
  • Grown from 1 technical founder to a diverse team of 10 in 2 years.
  • Onboarded various buildings across the Retail, Healthcare, Education, Offices, and Logistics Sector.
  • Successfully raised a $1,000,000 round.
  • Successfully integrated with the CSIRO’s Data Clearing house (DCH), to provide wider accessibility to our technology across Australia.

Buildings are responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions. Chilled water plants, which generate and distribute cold water throughout a building to moderate internal temperature, use on average 25% of a commercial building’s energy and include some of the most expensive equipment in a building.

Chilled water plants are the engine room of building comfort – getting the balance and control of these complex systems just right is among the most challenging issues facing building owners, facility managers and service providers today.

This is because current solutions are complex, lack transparency, have limited accountability and come at a significant up-front cost. This problem will only intensify with global air conditioning demand projected to double by 2050.

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