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The Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Register and Information System (ACHRIS) is the online tool used to access the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register (the Register). The Register, established in 1973, is a central repository for information about known Aboriginal cultural heritage in Victoria. Victorian Traditional Owners store and access information about their cultural heritage on the Register. ACHRIS and the Register are essential to advance Aboriginal self-determination in cultural heritage management, as they enable Traditional Owners to make informed decisions about their heritage based on thorough information.

The launch of ACHRIS in 2010 greatly reduced the effort and paper involved in the Register search and query process and has increased the efficiency of registration procedures. This enabled our FP-SR staff to focus more on other critical tasks of policy and Aboriginal cultural heritage management: https://achris.vic.gov.au

ACHRIS improves technical capabilities of all users by introducing the use of spatial data for search and query and archaeological mapping methods, as well as raising public awareness of Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAPs) and Aboriginal cultural heritage in a user-friendly manner.

ACHRIS brings together our FP-SR Heritage staff with various backgrounds, including First Nations, and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) team members from various overseas countries. Multiple teams within FP-SR from business analysts, system support, Registry information and geographic information system (GIS) specialists use the functionality of ACHRIS to streamline workflow and procedures for each unit, and for the entire FP-SR group. This is essential for the protection and management of our valuable Victorian Aboriginal cultural heritage.

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