Founded in 2014, Generation is a global non-profit organisation which recruits, trains and places people into meaningful careers. Generation’s mission is two-fold: to empower people with significant barriers to employment to build thriving, sustainable careers and to provide employers the highly skilled, motivated talent they need which delivers business value. Generation leverages a proven methodology, based on an extensive study of over 150 education-to-employment programs around the world, and has graduated over 70,000 participants in 17 countries.

Generation Australia launched in late 2019 to address the particularly high rate of un- and under-employment within specific under-served communities in Australia; including people with disability, First Nations people, females in tech and recent arrivals to Australia. An estimated 15-20% of the Australian population are neurodivergent in some way, and this group is far more likely to experience unemployment. In 2021, we received $600,000 from the Federal Government’s Department of Social Services to support 50 people living with disabilities through our tech programs. This led to an overhaul of how we design, develop and teach programs and included adaptations for those learners with disabilities and specialist support.

TechDiversity Awards 2024

Welcome to the TechDiversity Awards 2024, a platform that magnifies the extraordinary impact of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I) initiatives within technology workforces across many industries. Under the compelling theme “DE+I Powerhouse, Unleashing Impact,” we embark on a journey to celebrate the resounding influence of DE+I on individuals, organisations, and the broader community.

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