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Go Girl, Go For IT – Vic ICT for Women

Go Girl Go For IT have been inspiring girls to choose careers in IT since 2001. With the 2022 event being the first in-person event in four years, due to the global pandemic. This free all-day event has been designed to engage, inspire and excite girls to consider a career in IT. This year, the event has attracted over 1,400 students from 54 Victorian schools, years 5 to 12. The event seeks to educate and inspire girls that STEAM is more than its stereotypes – it’s fun, dynamic and creative; where one can be outgoing, expressive and solve the problems of tomorrow.

At the Go Girl, Go for IT event, the girls learn about the incredible range of vocational avenues available in IT through presentations, hands-on workshops and an action-packed sponsor expo. The agenda aims to help the girls discover what a career in IT could mean for them. This free event also subsidises travel for all schools, both metro and regional, and therefore relies solely on generous sponsorship and passionate efforts of hundreds of volunteers. We believe girls from across Victoria should have access to this important event. Rural schools are strongly encouraged to attend and we are proud we have a high representation of schools attending from outside of Melbourne (over 10% regional schools attended the 2022 event).

Due to the success of 2020 & 2021 Go Girl Go For IT – CyberEdition, Go Girl will run as an annual event moving forward and will widen the eligibility to year 3-12.

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