Go Girl Go for IT

Go Girl, Go for IT

Go Girl, Go for IT is a free, bi-annual, one day event with the aim to increase the number of females in IT by marketing tech careers for school-age girls. First held in 2001 at Monash University, it’s now run by the VIC ICT for Women. It is the largest free, tech marketing event in Victoria for all girls from years 5-12.

The program has been hugely successful, with growth year on year. A total of 1,700 girls, 136 teachers, 63 schools (23 primary schools) and 20 regional schools benefited from the free 2018 event. These schools included independent, religious and public schools, bringing together girls from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. In addition, 150 speakers ran 60 sessions.

Post event research demonstrated that there was a 10 percent increase in girls considering a career in STEAM and those students that were unsure had dropped by 12 percent. In addition, 90 percent of attendees said they would attend Go Girl, Go for IT again.

Go Girl, Go for IT is a fully sponsored event, run 100 percent by volunteers. To ensure diversity and that no one misses out, free buses are offered to take students to and from the event, eliminating barriers of resistance.

Studies show three percent of school girls are considering a career in IT and only one in four Australian IT graduates are female. Despite a 70 percent growth of IT jobs since 1996, women account for only 16 percent of IT roles in Australia.

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