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HEX is a global, multi award-winning EdTech startup working to close the gap between a digital future that is exponentially changing – and traditional education institutions which are struggling to keep up with this change.

We want to become a globally-recognised education technology company that is known for raising the Exponential Intelligence of the future workforce.

Our main program, HEX Ed is a digital innovation experience that equips learners with the skills, the tools, the mindset, and the network to drive the change the world needs and become tomorrow’s innovation leaders, today. The program consists of 5 units; You, Tech, Money, Future and Innovation. We give access to learners from all walks of life – high school, university and career changers, making our program extremely diverse. Most of all we close the education gap for these and provide equity within education for all.

Since launch in 2017, HEX generated revenue by taking students and entrepreneurs on educational trips to overseas innovation hubs — think Singapore, Silicon Valley and across the Atlantic to Tel Aviv. The company was fully bootstrapped, and more than doubled revenue year on year, until the closed borders sent our projected revenue to zero.

But when a program due to run in Texas in March was cancelled less than a week before take-off, HEX was forced to changed gears.

HEX immediately went from being a face to face business, with innovation programs for students in key global innovation hubs, to creating a game-changing virtual experience through our “innovation gap year”.

Our team brainstormed our next steps, began conducting market research, and drafted a COVID-19 response, and within three weeks, HEX rolled out experimental virtual programs to build experience and credibility online — including a virtual ‘Hack the Crisis’ hackathon which attracted more than 300 students.

In May, Hacker Exchange ran a virtual three-day international conference with its partners in Singapore and welcomed participants from over 20 countries to teach them about innovation and entrepreneurship. The three-day event was a hugesuccess and earnt Hacker Exchange the ‘Innovation In Online Programming’ award from American study abroad organisation GoAbroad.

HEX’s commitment to succeed online led the company to expand its customer base across government, the private sector and universities in Australia, the US, UK and NZ, with its virtual programs.

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