Winyama Digital Solutions

Winyama Digital Solutions

Winyama Digital Solutions Pty Ltd (Winyama), based in Perth, Western Australia, is an Indigenous-owned and operated business specialising in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and IT Consulting. ‘Winyama’ means sea eagle in Ngarluma — Managing Director, Andrew Dowding’s traditional language group. As a team of 10 Traditional Owners, Winyama remains one of the only Indigenous digital consultancies in Australia that specialises in Indigenous mapping and geospatial, which makes their combination of experience, knowledge, and expertise unique. Winyama is a fully certified Supply Nation Indigenous Business.

Winyama offers the following services: Heritage and Cultural Mapping – as staff are traditional owners who have worked across many sectors, such as; heritage, native title and government; Land and Environmental Monitoring – to a range of fit for purpose, innovative and practical earth observation tools to ensure this digitisation is undertaken accurately; Native Title Tenure Management – understanding the sensitivities that are related to cultural protocols and engagement within Indigenous communities; and Training – to empower Aboriginal communities using mapping technologies.

Winyama understands that all organisations benefit from making data driven decisions. In the Indigenous space this often includes creating visual maps that ensure executive decisions are made with the right data, and understand the breadth of contextual information. This can include sacred sites, natural land features and other cultural features that need to be displayed in order for organisations and government bodies to understand claims, culture and Indigenous history more thoroughly. Winyama provides insight and expertise into potential cultural issues that can be missed when using paper-based

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