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The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) sector plays an important role in the Australian economy and is critical for innovation and the creation of new jobs. According to Australia’s STEM Workforce Report by the Office of the Chief Scientist (2020), only 29% of the STEM workforce are women with four times higher unemployment rates for Australian women born overseas, despite constituting 56% of the University qualified STEM workforce. Employers have cited insufficient applications from women while the women have complained about bias in recruitment, including name, gender, accent, age, country of origin, discrimination etc.

iSTEM Co. is a research, consulting and talent-sourcing company whose core objective is to enable employment for women including women of colour and women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds into Australia’s STEM organisations.

iSTEM Co.’s mission is to create a safe and inclusive recruitment process and enable the employment of all women in STEM. We are currently developing a new tech-recruit platform that is set to eliminate bias in recruitment using our anonymous filter, job benchmark and standardised interview process. Our platform is already gaining recognition and won the Lift women social impact award

Our solution model is a win-win for women in STEM and Australian STEM companies as the women can now apply their skills and talents while the companies, inturn, can achieve their diversity targets and increase their profit margin.

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Welcome to the TechDiversity Awards 2024, a platform that magnifies the extraordinary impact of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I) initiatives within technology workforces across many industries. Under the compelling theme “DE+I Powerhouse, Unleashing Impact,” we embark on a journey to celebrate the resounding influence of DE+I on individuals, organisations, and the broader community.

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