NAB Women in Technology & Operations Work Immersion Program

In the last 15 years, the number of girls and boys opting out of maths subjects in their final years of high school in Australia has tripled. A quarter of girls are not choosing any maths subjects— compared with 9% of boys—in final years of high school, impacting their future potential opportunities in burgeoning technology-related industries.

This program has been collaboratively developed with participating schools and involves teachers as well as students.
Participants in the program to date has involved:
• 75 female students
• 15 teachers / school staff
• 40 NAB employees as facilitators or other participants

Set in a contemporary work environment in the Docklands, and sponsored by our Connecting Women in Technology and Operations Program, this student work immersion program aims to answer questions such as:

• How do we solve problems with technology?
• What are some of the soft and hard skills involved?
• What does someone working in IT actually do on a day-to-day basis?
• What might work in the IT industry look like into the future?

The program runs for three full days over a three to four-week timeframe and is held during a single school term.
Sessions are hands-on and bring to life roles, skills, tools, techniques and strategies required to solve real-life problems with technology.

Facilitated by people working in IT at NAB, participants get exposure to:
• design thinking and problem analysis in teams
• coding basics
• data science and analysis
• information security and cybercrime
• project management and collaboration.

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