A quarterly digital publication dedicated to empowering women of colour in STEM in Australia. PRODUCED BY STEM SISTERS.

MAGNIFY supports women of colour (WoC) in STEM, including students, recent graduates, early career professionals, returns and experts. Although the magazine is foremost for future STEM women, students and early professionals, as magnify is a tool for inspiration and guidance. MAGNIFY particularly supports students STEM WoC and migrant STEM professionals living in Australia. However, there is a global reach for Magnify despite the Australian focus.

TechDiversity Awards 2024

Welcome to the TechDiversity Awards 2024, a platform that magnifies the extraordinary impact of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I) initiatives within technology workforces across many industries. Under the compelling theme “DE+I Powerhouse, Unleashing Impact,” we embark on a journey to celebrate the resounding influence of DE+I on individuals, organisations, and the broader community.

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