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Young women don’t have enough opportunities to shape our shared future – a future powered and defined by technology. Before women even reach university to study software engineering, there are already systematic barriers that hamper their inclusion and success.

This doesn’t sound right to us. But, given our position in the education technology industry, we wanted to do something about it!

Our Women in STEM: Software Engineering Internship is designed to break down some of the barriers that stop young women, non-binary and female-identifying people from entering software engineering at university. Our objective is to pave another path for young women, non-binary, and female-identifying people into a STEM career. Stile offers two full-time paid internships each year. Throughout the year, the interns learn how to code and design apps, while they gain experience working in a small to midsize business.

In 2021 and 2022, the internship had great success at building a wider impact in creating more pathways for young women to join the STEM industry with all of our graduates going onto either full-time work or study in the industry, hence we will continue the program in 2023 and beyond.

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TechDiversity Awards 2024

Welcome to the TechDiversity Awards 2024, a platform that magnifies the extraordinary impact of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I) initiatives within technology workforces across many industries. Under the compelling theme “DE+I Powerhouse, Unleashing Impact,” we embark on a journey to celebrate the resounding influence of DE+I on individuals, organisations, and the broader community.

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