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Having been in the technology consulting industry for over 10 years, we decided we could not ignore the glaring problem of the lack of adequate female representation in the sector.

Appscore implemented the Women of Tech Initiative throughout 2021 to leverage the expertise of women in the technology industry as a ‘game changer’ (one of our core values) and establish a distinct point of difference in overcoming the shortage of technology talent in Australia.

In its pilot year, our Women of Tech Initiative aimed to:

  • Increase the representation of women on our senior leadership team to at least 40%.
  • Ensure retention of our existing female staff as many continued to balance their careers with their roles as caregivers for their families.
  • Recognise and promote high-performing female talent to senior positions within the business.
  • Provide more opportunities for the women of Appscore to speak up and share their experiences in an open, yet safe manner.

The roll-out of this initiative would begin from the top levels of management and flow down into all business units in different ways, depending on the needs and requirements of each team in providing a safe, flexible, and empowering working environment for all female employees at Appscore.

Throughout 2021, the empowerment of women has been a recurring theme behind much of Appscore’s success, and we believe it will be pivotal towards continuing that momentum into 2022 and beyond.

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