Beyond the Pat on the Back — A Deeper Commitment to DE+I

Sydney, October 4th — The TechDiversity Awards 2024 have embarked on an audacious journey with a theme that resonates with the resounding power of DE+I: Unleashing Impact with DE+I Powerhouse. These awards are not just a celebration; they are a call to action, a clarion call that is impossible to ignore.


2023 TechDiversity Awards Melbourne

2023 TechDiversity Awards Melbourne

While the awards are about celebration, there is an underlining trend that can’t be ignored, recent research by Kantar reveals, that the APAC markets are trailing behind on various DE+I benchmarks, falling below the global average.

Despite organisations patting themselves on the back celebrating small wins such as having female CIOs or dedicated HR departments focusing on DEI, the reality is that these efforts often fall short. Alarming data from a LinkedIn study highlights a decline in DEI roles, with some DEI departments, especially in the technology sector, folding due to budget constraints and mass layoffs. This concerning trend raises questions about the long-term sustainability of workplace diversity and inclusion endeavors. It underscores the imperative of hosting the TechDiversity Awards annually and underscores the mission of the TechDiversity Foundation to bring impactful stories to the boardrooms of major organisations via the Awards platform.

Luli Adeyemo, the Executive Director of TechDiversity, is at the helm of this transformative voyage. She boldly declares, “I am on a mission to illuminate the transformative power of DE+I in boardrooms across Australia.” Her mission is simple yet profound: DEI is not just a policy; it’s a strategic asset that fuels success and enables organisations to serve their customers better.

Miranda (Kovacic) Ratajski (She/Her) Chief Information Officer, Group Business Units

Miranda Ratajski, CIO of Westpac

Joining the chorus of DE+I advocates is Miranda Ratajski, CIO of Westpac, who shared insights at the 2023 TechDiversity Awards: “The significance of diversity states that diverse teams better understand and serve customers. If your teams look more like your customers, you understand customers better.”

Prepare for a game-changing celebration at the TechDiversity Awards 2024. It’s more than an event; it’s a movement—a movement that propels us beyond mere awareness into concrete action. Nominations are now open until December 15th, and organisations and individuals are urged to nominate their own DE+I initiatives, or initiatives they have seen and admired.

TechDiversity want these awards to be seen as resounding proof to organisations and leaders still lagging behind and those who are not yet convinced of the transformative power of DE+I for their businesses.

For more information on the TechDiversity Awards and to submit nominations, please visit this page.

Press Contact:
Jen Murray
TechDiversity Foundation

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