Time for Reflection on International Women’s Day by Luli Adeyemo, Executive Director, TechDiversity

International Women’s Day is a significant marker on my calendar, not just for the recognition it affords to women’s achievements and the ongoing struggle for gender equality, but also as a moment of profound reflection on the broader landscape of diversity and inclusion.

On this day, my inbox is typically flooded with invitations to speak at events, an honour and responsibility I do not take lightly. I am deeply appreciative of these opportunities to lend my voice and perspective, yet it’s the organisations that engage with me throughout the year—valuing my insights on a wide array of diversity issues beyond gender—that truly resonate with my mission.

My advocacy extends beyond championing women; it encompasses all facets of minority and diversity categories, each facing unique challenges every day. It is essential to recognise that while International Women’s Day is a vital occasion for spotlighting women’s issues, it should not inadvertently narrow our focus or diminish the importance of inclusivity across all spectrums of society.

International Women's DayLet us approach International Women’s Day not as an isolated event but as part of a continuous, inclusive dialogue. This day should not be seen as a platform for discrimination, in any form, but rather as an opportunity to celebrate the rich tapestry of human experience. It’s a chance to reflect on the role each one of us plays in fostering a more inclusive society, community, and workplace.

Today, I invite everyone to celebrate not just the achievements of women but the concept of intersectionality—the overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage that affect individuals.

Let’s embrace the diversity of experiences and challenges that shape our identities. Let’s celebrate ‘us’ in our entirety, acknowledging that every day is an opportunity to advocate for equity and inclusion. International Women’s Day is a powerful reminder of this commitment, but let it also reinforce our dedication to these principles every day of the year.

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