Bridging Australia’s Tech Skills Gap with Groundbreaking Study Utilising Community and Workforce Cultural and Demographic Insights

Sydney, 08th April  – In a significant stride towards addressing the Australian technology skills gap in the Australian technology workforce, TechDiversity Foundation, in collaboration with Diversity Atlas, is proud to announce the launch of the Tech Reflects study, underpinned by the generous support of TechDiversity enterprise members, including Westpac, Avanade, and Clicks IT Recruitment.

This world-first study is set to revolutionise our understanding of cultural and demographic diversity within Australia’s tech workforce by benchmarking it against the wider community. It will help identify untapped potential in our communities and our workforces and drive progress towards the Government’s shared goal with the Tech Council of Australia of achieving 1.2 million tech-related jobs by 2030. Submit interest now to participate.

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“The Tech Council strongly supports the launch of the Tech Reflects Study, which will help us better understand the cultural and demographic makeup of the tech workforce.

Driving greater diversity in the tech workforce is not only integral to meet the growing demand for tech workers and the national tech jobs target of 1.2 million by 2030, it is also critical to create a more inclusive economy and society”, said  Ryan Black, Acting CEO, Tech Council of Australia.

Tech Reflects is not merely a study; it’s a mission to unveil the intricate tapestry of skills and perspectives lying dormant within our society. With the financial backing and partnership of industry luminaries and organisations, this research endeavours to transcend traditional diversity metrics, incorporating intersectional measurements to paint a comprehensive picture of our tech workforce.

Luli Adeyemo, Executive Director, TechDiversity Foundation comments, “This study is a groundbreaking endeavour, the first I’ve seen that extends beyond traditional demographic metrics like gender. While demographics are crucial, Tech Reflects delves deeper, embracing cultural diversity and aligning it with the broader demographic and cultural contours of Australian society. It’s a remarkable fusion of big data and DEI in action, setting a new standard for how we understand and enhance diversity in our technology workforce.”

She adds,

“The commitment from leading institutions like Westpac and associations such as the Tech Council Australia, highlights the critical nature and timeliness of this endeavour, the study’s success hinges on a collective effort”

Participating organisations will gain invaluable insights through a complimentary report that benchmarks their workforce against community demographics,

TechDiversity are inviting organisations across Australia to join the Tech Reflects study, a comprehensive initiative aimed at all members of the tech workforce, including those from non-tech backgrounds. This inclusive approach ensures they capture a wide array of experiences and perspectives, crucial for understanding diversity within technology workforces.

We are thrilled to share a recent webinar hosted by TechDiversity, featuring insightful discussions with Miranda Ratajski, CIO of Westpac and Michael Walmsley, Chief Experience Officer from Diversity Atlas. In the webinar, Miranda highlighted, “This survey is going to give us an opportunity to get much deeper insights into what diversity really looks like in technology.”

Submit interest now to participate in the study.



About TechDiversity

Founded in 2016, TechDiversity has been dedicated to promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I) within the Australian technology workforce. By showcasing the impact of DE+I initiatives, offering education, and fostering action through tools, networks, and training, they aim to bridge the tech skills gap and create a culture of belonging.

Their vision is to inspire boardrooms to embrace DE+I for economic progress and innovation, supported by evidence that diverse organisations are more responsive and competitive. TechDiversity also hosts the TechDiversity Awards, highlighting achievements in building inclusive tech workforces.


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