DE+I tools, networks, training, advocacy groups

TechDiversity is an active and passionate force helping industries to be more competitive and successful through DE+I strategies. We are purpose driven enablers and inspirers of positive change.

Inspired, informed and enabled.

But we also do a lot more.

  • We work with key industry associations to position DE+I as a business-led approach for their members to address issues such as talent shortages, staff retention, workplace wellbeing, productivity, innovation, business growth and more
  • Our advocacy groups hold discussions with key Government figures to bring DE+I to the fore as an enabler for economic growth
  • We deliver training modules through TechDiversity Academy, led and built by experts in DE+I, modules include: becoming DE+I data literature, Equity in the workplace and more. When you take part in the Academy, you become part of a community that shares the tools and frameworks required for organisations and individuals who want to begin, enhance or further develop their DE+I strategy as part of a business-led strategy
  • We showcase successful DE+I initiatives within technology workforces across a range of industries via the TechDiversity Awards
  • We act as a conduit between DE+I experts, DE+I delivery partners and organisations implementing a business-led DE+I strategy

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