Raised voices: Elizabeth Vega calls for ‘real’ conversations to challenge prejudice

Here at #TechDiversity we keep our ears to the ground for like-minded men and women raising their voices and making a difference.

Elizabeth Vega, CEO of Informed Solutions and Deputy Chair of the AIIA National Board, is one such inspiration. Last month she published a thought-provoking post on LinkedIn, which we’re delighted to share with our community. We hope you’ll take the time to read it.

Why do we still have a diversity and skills problem in the Tech sector when we talk about it so damned much?


If we are serious in wanting to #PressforProgress in tech, we must have the ‘real’ conversation about what’s holding our industry back, argues Elizabeth Vega.

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This year’s International Women’s Day #PressforProgress campaign is firmly aligned with the growing global movement for women gaining equality, greater opportunities and dignity for their gender. From emboldened and articulate actors at the Oscars, to the great and wonderful diversity of voices willing to share their personal pain and experiences through #MeToo, media coverage about women’s battles to win equality would suggest that we’ve achieved serious advances in gender parity.

The facts, however, are less impressive.

The latest World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report evidences that the gap between the achievements and wellbeing of men and women has actually widened in the last year. Across the globe, women have lost ground in accessing the same opportunities that are open to men, and they are far more limited in their ability to fulfil their social and economic potential. This is especially true in the tech industry, which worryingly is also the sector that offers the largest and broadest skills and jobs opportunities for the future…



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