‘Tech for Good’ Judge: Jennifer Harrison

We are pleased to announce Jennifer Harrison, Partner at Reputation Edge, will be one of the ‘Tech for Good’ category judges for the 2021 #TechDiversity Awards.

Black and white photo of Jennifer Harrison

Jennifer Harrison is a Partner at Reputation Edge, a corporate communications and public relations agency based in Sydney.

As a specialist in PR for start-ups, Jennifer works closely with the founders to make sure that the right messages reach the right people in the right way at the right time.

Prior to joining Reputation Edge in 2018, Jennifer was a corporate finance advisor with 20 years’ experience working with clients in finance, property, and technology.

Jennifer believes in tech-for-good and has a particular affinity for start-ups in fintech, proptech and legaltech.  In 2020, she founded Financial Inclusion By Design to advocate for the design of fair & inclusive financial products enabled by technology.

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What is Tech for Good?

We recently announced the launch of nomination category Tech for Good – celebrating technology innovation committed to growing positive social & environmental impact.

Tech for Good is a global movement – a community of people, projects, organisations, and funders promoting the role of technology to improve social, environmental, and economic outcomes. It is the intentional design, development and implementation of digital technologies used to address these challenges, creating an ecosystem of technology driving positive change.

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To find out more about Tech for Good or any of the four other nomination categories, visit TechDiversity Awards New Category ‘Tech for Good’

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For any questions regarding nominations and the entry process, please contact the TechDiversity Awards organisers via email or phone:

Stacey Hutchinson
e: stacey@bestcasescenario.com.au
p: 0415 468 075

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