#TechDiversity Awards 2018 – Media Category Winner – REA Group

REA Group won the Media Category in the 2018 #TechDiversity Awards.
In the video below, REA Group Executive Manager Louise Alphonso discusses what is means to win the award.

REA Group started as a seedling of an idea: could the internet change the way
the world experiences property? In 1995, in a garage in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne (and with the internet still a new concept to many), the founders could never have predicted just how much their idea would change the way people experience property.

Today, REA Group is one of the great Australian start-up success stories. Spanning six countries and with more than 1,400 people, they are re-imagining what’s possible and delivering exceptional experiences to both customers and consumers every day.

While we are not sure if there were any women working in the startup garage back in the day, we do know that they are working hard to ensure that there are more women in the tech department in the future.

‘The more people we have embarking on this process means we can shift things more societally as well, not just in companies’ – Louise Alphonso

View the REA Group TechDiversity nomination here

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