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TechDiversity and Conductor Software have formed a new partnership, simultaneously supporting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and organisational performance, offering unique workforce insights that executives use to ease transformation, increase innovation, and improve performance.

The partnership will support the TechDiversity community of business leaders with better and more comprehensive data to recognise the value of DEI as a business priority, working towards a future where all people are valued, individuals are empowered, and organisations and communities thrive.

When leaders and committees in an organisation are tasked with implementing the goals and objectives defined in the organisation’s D&I plan, knowing where to start is often one of the biggest challenges. As the only leadership analytics platform in the world that connects workforce dynamics to organisational performance, Conductor Software quantifies the bottom-line impact of poor DEI experiences of staff, and gives leaders a macro and micro view of their organisation with the insights they need to set priorities and measure progress.

Conductor combines workforce assessment, bottom-line impact and actionable insights with practical, applied leadership training that simultaneously supports DEI experiences of staff and organisational performance.


“It’s one thing to set targets and to increase the diversity, but if people coming into those roles don’t feel safe enough to contribute, don’t feel safe enough to share their experiences, to raise concerns, to make a mistake, then diversity isn’t going to have the outcomes that we’re looking for. We’re simply bringing people into unsafe environments, and they won’t stay, they’ll eventually end up leaving, so we won’t hit those targets.”

Karren Jensen, Co-Founder & CEO – Conductor Software


About Conductor Software

Conductor is an innovative leadership analytics platform that provides unique insights into the connection between workforce dynamics and organisational performance. Conductor assesses and quantifies the DEI experience and its impact on performance, transformation, staff retention and innovation, providing an end-to-end solution that shapes positive leadership behaviours and measurably improves equity and inclusion in teams.

Conductor Software is helping leaders to re-prioritise their DEI strategies from simply setting diversity targets, to actively improving leadership capability and team dynamics to address the underlying causes of feelings of employee exclusion and inequality.

Karren Jensen headshot next to quote that says "Most executives are completely unaware of the bottom-line impact to their business of poor DEI experiences of staff. Conductor makes the invisible, actionable."


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion ~ a Business Priority

Understanding workforce dynamics is a powerful first step. When properly structured, workforce dynamics and performance data inform thinking and drive decisions, enabling collaborative teams to solve problems – big or small – and create new organisational value.

Conductor Software and TechDiversity aim to support business leaders with better and more comprehensive data to recognise the value of DEI as a business priority to retain and attract staff, drive innovation, and achieve higher performance.


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About TechDiversity

TechDiversity is a not-for-profit organisation committed to amplifying diversity awareness and achieving a culture of inclusion through conversation, collaboration and action.

TechDiversity’s focus is on strengthening frameworks to increase the participation of all diverse groups within tech workforces, including cultural diversity, racial diversity, religious diversity, age diversity, sex and gender diversity, sexual orientation, and disability.


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