Join the Conversation: We Need Your Voice in Shaping a More Inclusive Tech Workforce

Diversity isn’t just about bringing people of various backgrounds together; it’s about creating a collective voice that resonates with wisdom, clarity, and profound insights.

At the TechDiversity Awards held on May 25th, 2023, a gathering of 650 industry leaders and professionals engaged in vibrant discussions around diversity and inclusion in the tech sector. One compelling idea, inspired by the conversations, centered on the potential benefits of tech workforces mirroring the diversity of the communities they serve. This sentiment was powerfully articulated by Miranda Ratajski, Chief Information Officer at Westpac, who stated that ‘if your teams look more like your customers, you understand customers better.’

In response to these rich discussions, we’ve launched this poll to further explore the resonance of this idea within our broader tech community. Your participation will help us understand your perspective and guide our collective journey towards a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. Let’s continue the conversation started at the TechDiversity Awards – cast your vote today using an Australian-born AI driven poll.

More About Wizer

We are delighted to leverage an Australian born social enterprise tool, Wizer, based on the concept of the ‘wise crowd’, Wizer allows questions or ideas to be presented to people who can vote, comment, rank, help and even join a proposal; employing artificial intelligence to make sure the curated crowd is truly wise.  Studies reveal that a group of as few as six people can make better decisions than even the most seasoned expert. This is primarily because a diverse crowd can see past biases, assumptions, and individual experiences that might cloud judgment, opening the door to real opportunities and choices.

Join us as we embark on an exciting journey to redefine decision-making, celebrate diversity, and turn the wisdom of crowds into actionable insights. We are going to kick off our first Wizer poll and we would love you to be part of it.


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